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I am not a professional politician and I didn’t come from a wealthy or educated family. I had to work hard to improve the educational and economic status of my family. It was this hard work, my family upbringing, and my military service that instilled the discipline, loyalty, dedication, and integrity that molded the character I choose to live by.

This character is the foundation of my drive to overhaul the Secretary of State Office and the reason I can no longer stand on the sidelines watching professional politicians continuously disappoint us by failing to deliver on their promises, displaying poor character, lack of integrity, and taking our vote for granted.


As Secretary of State, I will use my education, military and corporate leadership skills, and business acumen to build a team that will work collectively to serve all South Carolinians with the utmost respect, dignity, and integrity; regardless of party affiliation, economic or educational status, religion, skin tone, or gender. Our office will be proactive, business friendly, and customer focused to meet the needs of our diverse business community, charitable organizations, non-profits, and notaries. My number one priority will be to continuously support fair and equitable economic development within the great state of South Carolina by proactively identifying innovative out-of-the-box methods to contribute revenue for funding state programs such as education, teachers’ salaries, and school bus improvements.

Specifically, we will:

      • Continuously implement process improvements and ensure all legislation signed by the Governor receives the official state seal of South Carolina within ten business days of receipt
      • Implement a “Boots to Business” initiative, waiving all application fees for veterans
      • Collaborate with non-profit “SC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce” to utilize their expertise and training programs to host quarterly business forums that Educate, Energize, and Empower to stimulate economic development within the Hispanic communities
      • Conduct creative out-of-the-box collaboration sessions with Millennial organizations and business owners to identify attractive business opportunities that contributes to economic development through millennial business startups that includes waiving application fees for recent college graduates (graduated within the past 2 years)
      • Collaborate with not profit “Building Better Communities” and African American communities to identify creative out-of-the-box methods that Educate, Energize, and Empower the community to stimulate economic development growth though entrepreneurship
      • Hold quarterly meetings with State Chamber of Commerce leaders to discuss growing statewide economic development
      • Provide opportunities to train unlicensed vendors on the requirements and benefits of owning a business license
      • Meet annually with notaries to discuss issues and challenges, and work with neighboring states to provide dual licenses

Together we can write a winning story for the thousands of businesses and non-profits who want to jointly grow economic development within South Carolina. Let’s work together and win together!

Melvin T. Whittenburg

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~Henry Ford~

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